Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Stealing part of my inheritance

Visiting with grandma is always fun, but visiting and bringing home a stash of yarn? Even better. My grandmother used to be an avid crocheter back in the day, but claims she hasn't touched a project in several years. My last visit involved stealing two boxes of fabric scraps for quilting, and this time she pulled out a huge (and I mean huge) box of yarn from her closet, and shoving it in my direction. She would have been plenty happy for me to just take it all, but limited space in the vehicle on the way home meant that I was only able to snag a couple bags full on this trip. No one else in the family knits or crochets, so if I don't take it, no one else ever will. I know it makes my grandmother happy that at least someone is continuing the hand-crafting tradition.

Most of her yarn is acrylics and acrylic/wool blends, and a great deal of it in small balls of leftovers from projects long past. This stuff is absolutely perfect for toys and other small-ish projects that I would like to work on. I was particularly inspired to do a crazy granny-square afghan for my daughter, with no real colour scheme, just a hodge-podge of whatever I decide to throw together. I love cuddling up under a hand-made blanket with a bowl of popcorn and a movie, and I think it would be a lovely heirloom to hand down to her when she's old enough to appreciate it - an afghan from her great-grandmother's stash.



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