Friday, May 9, 2008

Brain Slugs!

I stumbled across this pattern by NeedleNoodles in her etsy shop quite by accident. I was looking at crochet food patterns, and I just happened to notice the pattern for these cute little suckers for sale as well! Being new to this whole crochet thing, these seemed like a good place to get started. This is a pretty simple pattern - once you get the hang of the "magic ring" at the beginning (which still takes me a few tries to get it right sometimes!), you're golden. Attempting to crochet with a small child who likes to "help" can be distracting, however. I found a simple way to remind myself of where the circle begins & ends - a safety pin! If you have trouble counting, get distracted easily, or are likely to have to put your project down in the middle of a round, a safety pin is the perfect answer. Stick it in the last stitch of the previous round, and off you go! As long as you know what row you're on, it's all good.

So, back to the brain slugs. I opted to make these in a less vibrant yarn than suggested in the pattern, simply because it's what I happened to have on hand. I think they're cute, but if I were to make them again (and I will!), I will use a brighter palette. I also decided to pass on the button or safety eyes and use black yarn in a french knot instead, as these are a gift for a young child with a sibling due to arrive very shortly. I wanted there to be no choking risk whatsoever with these little dudes!

Yarns used are Red Heart Super Saver Red in Ranch Red and Aran, and Lion Vanna's Choice in Black, Pink, Pea Green, Mustard, Colonial Blue and Antique Rose.

I definitely have to keep these little guys in my queue, I think I need to make a set for Eliza!


Chelle said...

Those are so friggin cute!!

Jessica said...

Oh my, those are hilarious! I'm still trying to resist picking up another hobby, but those are sure tempting!


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