Thursday, June 4, 2009

Silks, Beautiful Silks!

My silk samples are finally finished! This is what I have been pouring all of my time and energy into as of late. As some of my readers may know, I am hoping to make a little extra cash by offering hand-dyed playsilks - 30x30 inch silk scarves with hand-rolled hems, perfect for little hands to use as a superhero's cape, a cowboy's bandanna, a princess' skirt. The only limit is the imagination!

The silks will be available individually, in pre-selected sets of three or six, or in custom batches to suit your individual desires. You can choose from these themed sets below, or contact me for a custom order, choosing colours from the entire palette. Please note that as the silks are hand-dyed, some variations in colour on the silk are natural, and beyond my control. Each silk is unique!

The details: 30x30" 100% habotai silk scarves with hand-rolled hems, dyed in small lots to ensure vivid colours. All dyes are non-toxic, and silks are washed before shipping to remove as much excess dye as possible. Contact me at smathie (at) gmail (dot) com for pricing, shipping information, and any other information.

Here are the sets available:

Rainbow Fun: Very Cherry, Orange Peel, Lemon Drop, Emerald Isle, True Blue, Wild Grape

Autumn Breeze: Chocolate Kiss, Antique Ruby, Pumpkin Pie

Night Sky: Stroke of Midnight, Wild Grape, Sapphire Springs

Land & Sea: Chocolate Kiss, Emerald Isle, Robins Egg

Ice Cream Sundae: Chocolate Kiss, Tickled Pink, Fresh Cream

Easter Egg: Tickled Pink, Robins Egg, Key Lime

Pretty as a Princess: Wild Grape, Tickled Pink, Fresh Cream

Ocean View: Emerald Isle, Robins Egg, Sapphire Springs

Morning Glory: Desert Sunrise, Orange Peel, Lemon Drop

SuperKid!: Very Cherry, Lemon Drop, True Blue

The whole palette (counter-clockwise from top left): Fresh Cream, Tickled Pink, Desert Sunrise, Very Cherry, Antique Ruby, Orange Peel, Pumpkin Pie, Lemon Drop, Key Lime, Emerald Isle, Robins Egg, True Blue, Sapphire Springs, Wild Grapes, Chocolate Kiss, Stroke of Midnight.



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