Friday, April 25, 2008

Ahhh, Organization! Part I

Those who know me know that I am not exactly the most organized person in the world. I toss things in piles, bags, drawers - anything to just get it out of the way when I'm tidying up. This resulted in a huge, and I mean HUGE mess when it came to my knitting and crocheting. Yarn and needles and hooks every which way! I had no idea what I had, and looking for it became an ordeal. And my husband, being thrifty, forbade me to buy anything remotely knitting- or crocheting-related until I sorted out the mess. He feared (and rightly so) that I would just buy what I already had, because I had no idea what I had already bought. Smart man.

So, I organized. I'm still in the middle of organizing my yarn and patterns - that will be a blog entry for later - but first I wanted to share what I started working on last night, and miraculously finished this morning. I spent the better part of my afternoon yesterday looking at needle & hook storage solutions on ebay, etsy, and several other sites that came up with the help of Google. I found a couple patterns, several pictures, and a truckload of inspiration. So, I went to work, and this is what I finished!

It will hold several pairs of needles, and the bottom pockets are wide enough to store other accessories. I have my crochet hooks in it for now, but I have plans to make another smaller holder specifically for them. That's on my to-do list.

I can't take full credit for it - I did base it mostly on some stuff that I found while googling around, particularly the pocket placement. And it does look an awful lot like the ones I saw for sale on etsy. It's not perfect, either - I made several mistakes (thankfully all not noticeable!) while making it, and made some notes on what I need to do differently to perfect it. All in all, it was a good start, is functional and pretty, and I will surely make more to give as gifts, and possibly even a few to sell.


dinah34 said...

gbeing organized is wonderful. i wish i was. :P

kudos to you.

lindiloo said...

I really like your Knitting Needle organizer - If you would be willing to share the pattern I would appreciate it. I have so many needles in a box, but you have to go through the whole box to find a matching set.
Please think about it and let me know!
Thank you


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