Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Money Pit

My husband jokingly refers to my craft corner as 'the money pit', because there is no end to the neat toys I want to play with in my crafty ventures. And I have an awful lot of stuff too - bins full of yarn, stamps, inks, ribbons... I could spend hours listing all the stuff I have, and all the stuff I don't have but would like to get. Every time he sees me surfing a crafty site, I know he cringes and wonders what it's gonna cost.

So, I made a deal with him: he won't complain about my crafty purchases if I prove that I can 'earn' them by actually completing projects. These can be as small as a single card, or bigger organizational stuff, too. I'm essentially paying myself for using up my supplies, in the hopes of curbing what can very quickly become out-of-control spending.

Here's an example of what I'm paying myself:
- A card: $1
- 3D item: $2-5, depending on complexity
- Organizational project: $2-5
- Granny square (for an afghan project): $0.50
- Photographing & blogging a project: $1
- Completing a challenge project: $1

The list is a bit longer than that, but that's a start. So far, I've accumulated a little over $25 in my "craft & spend" credits, and as I get more done and actually share what I've made, I'll earn some more. Right now my goal is to craft enough to justify a Stampin' Up order before Sale-A-Bration ends at the end of March! Once I have the energy to redo my blog's template, I'll stick a widget on the sidebar so I can keep track of what I've earned and spent.

And now, off to work on something! I need to earn some more spending money!



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